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Starting a business sometimes scares people. Thoughts like “How can i manage?” “That’s more work than I am having to do now”. “Who will be interested?” May come to mind when trying to make the decision.

Being an online business owner is not all that difficult, it may seem overwhelming in fact may keep people from trying it to see what it holds. It is the chance to be able to express yourself, show your ideas, your art work or whatever you choose to individuals that are in fact interested in what you have to offer.

Change is always something new and it’s not bad to start now even if it may seem to late. Having a business online is way much different than working for your employer.

You are employed to yourself, you are the key to any problem that may occur and you have full authority over everything that is being done.

Any business is hard work and takes dedication. Just as if you were working for someone else. You have to motivate yourself to get up and get ready to go for a long day of work wherever that may be.

But what if you didn’t have to do that? And instead of being dedicated to something you don’t like, you could be dedicated to something you love. You are now the business, owner, coordinator and CEO.


An entrepreneur entitles you to endless amount of freedom, you can work at your own pace, from the comfort of anywhere you may be, and whenever you feel like it.

You will have the ability to change the world, change the way you look at the world and feel better about what you are doing with your time. There are so many things to choose from when your in this line of work, and it’s up to you how you want to take the approach.

If you would like to take a vacation and spend a month away, you would be able to and not have to worry about somebody calling you and asking you to report, or your schedule being changed because a co-worker has called in sick.

You will be the boss and the worker. Which in my opinion is the most beneficial way to succeed in the way that you choose.


There is not a limit to how successful you can be, that is all determined up to you, and how you go about the process.

There are many people within the industry, making the same if not more then people you and I see on TV. If you currently own a business, or a franchise of some sort and you are making local sales, you could start your online success and become international.

If you have never owned or operated a business before that is perfectly fine. You don’t need to have experience, you can learn as you go. When you realize how much potential you have to put forward, there will be nothing to hold you back. You ultimately determine where you make it and how far you go.




If you have a passion for something, and are ready to let the world know then that is a good enough reason to start today. Your dedication and strive will get you the results you want to see and will help you achieve anything you set your mind too.

The commitment you are ready to make isn’t going to be a regretful experience, it isn’t going to be something that you were steered wrong in doing. It’s just a plan and an action that will get you to your dream. The energy and time that you are putting into your daily career currently is all of the same energy that is needed to become an owner.

Without ambition you will not get anywhere in life and you will only be looking ahead wishing that you would have done what your mind is already set on doing.

If you put your energy towards a business the only thing that will happen, is it will grow, it will become more popular and you will target individuals in different regions.


If you are ready to bring your dream to a reality, you most certainly can. You can start your business today with just a few clicks in the right area. All you need is, a niche, an audience and most importantly, “you” .

Is being productive and successful where you want to see yourself within this year to the next? Than why any other reason then to begin this beautiful journey.

Would you like to make your own schedule, be your own boss, spend more time with your family and do more of the things you enjoy? Give your life a new meaning and broad variety of adventure and become free, don’t remain burdened and wanting to find a way out, because there is an answer.

Open up your doors to success and accept everything that comes with it. Don’t worry about paying for your mortgage this year, or the electricity bill laying on the table, because now you have an answer to all of the financial burdens that did hold you back and bother you.

Stay motivated and determined throughout your business and you will see a result that is unyielding, and hard to believe was even possible. Keep the momentum and courage to keep pushing forward and you will find every answer you were searching for.

You will ultimately be where you want to be within a matter of time. And you are the only person that can determine your fate at this point.


  • Misty says:

    Very motivational post! Thank you for all of the reminders of why it is so good to be your boss!

    Most people simply don’t think that they can start their own online business. With the right training this is indeed possible. I have experience with the program that you recommend and I can definitely vouch that this program offers step-by-step assistance on starting up your own online business. And… the community within this program is awesome. You can’t beat it!

    I hope others that reach your post realize that they can make this idea a reality! ((:

    • admin says:

      Thank You for reaching out and expressing your thoughts and feelings towards the online business world.
      This has indeed been a great experience and I am more than happy to help anyone achieve their online success.

  • jack says:

    Thank you for your great content, it definitely illustrates great aspects of being your own boss. I also very much appreciate your overall views on bringing your dream’s to a reality. I found that reality only a few short month’s ago with an amazing appeal, and totally straight forward with no hype, including an amazing network of affiliate assistance at your disposal. keep up the great article’s, sincerely, Jack

  • Charlie V says:

    Hi great post, your so right the hardest part is starting a new business, but it sure beats the 9 to 5 rat race and you live life the way you want to.


    • Bria says:

      Hello Charlie,
      Thanks for stopping by, yes indeed starting is the hardest part and change for some is difficult within itself.
      As you stated, it does beat the 9-5 rat race and living the way you want sure does have its advantages.

  • bibian okoye says:

    Thanks for your great post. you rightly said that success comes from dedication and hard working. No lazy man succeeds but by hard working, you can make your own brand and your own money without depending on anyone. Not only that it is sweet to be your own boss. Doing things at you own time and your own pace.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Bria says:

      Hello Bibian,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Yes indeed working at your own pace is a plus, and being your own boss definitely has its benefits.

  • It is so good to be able to work for yourself because the benefits are just out of this world. Many are now getting into this line of work because of all it has to offer. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place on the planet to get the kind of training that can make this dream a reality. Your post is well detailed and has tons of great information that will inspire your viewers to want to be in a position where they are their own boss.

    • Bria says:

      Thank you Norman,
      I completely agree, Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer and with all of the training provided you will definitely be able to conquer your goals.

  • Thank you for the invite! Wow this is such a great post. I know you put a lots of time in getting it
    to this point. I wish that you will continue doing well with your online marketing. Oh, I love your logo!
    Great job well done!

  • Jill says:

    Hi Bria, Thank you so much for setting this all out so well. To me working from home and not having to battle with the traffic every day is great. The other thing I like about building my own business is that I no longer have to do things in the order that someone else sets. I can work the hours I want. If I wake early and want to work I can. It is a great life.

    • Bria says:

      Hello Jill,
      I couldn’t agree with you more, the daily commuting to and forth from a job is a job within itself in my opinion and becomes stressful after a while. The ability to work from home and at your own pace is well worth it.

  • Furkan says:

    I really want to start an online business and it seems like a lucrative business opportunity.
    However I really wonder a few things. How long does it take to learn all the stuff out there? By the way I can work a few hours every day.
    And secondly, how long does it take to make full time income with it?

    • Bria says:

      The learning part of it varies as everybody is different and learns at their own pace and to be honest with you, your always learning as you go. 

      Starting an online business is not a get rich scheme and does require your work to become successful. This also varies from each individual, it depends on how much time your willing to commit and how long your willing to stick with it.

  • Courtney says:

    You’re right! It takes a lot of ambition, dedication, and hard work to run your own business. I think the freedom aspect is so appealing! I’m hoping I can make this workout for me!

    • Bria says:

      If your willing to put in the hard work and dedication you can conquer anything, which will entitle your freedom and give you more time to yourself.
      I think you will do great Courtney just stick with it and reach for the stars.

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